Now How Do I get There???

These are just a couple of ways to get there. If you know the area, you can make your own way:

+From New York City: From the GWB, head for the Garden State Parkway (Bring alot of change for the tolls!)

Exit at 117 and take east Route 36. You'll drive 15 miles down this stretch of towns and end up at Sandy Hook.

+From Newark, NJ: Take I-78 west to the Garden State Parkway. Go south to Route 36 (exit 117) and follow 15 miles to Sandy Hook.

+From Brooklyn: Take the Verrazano Bridge (If you got the cash) through Staten Island to the Outerbridge Crossing.

Go South on Route 9 to Route 35 south and connect with Route 36 to Sandy Hook.

Traveling from the south, Philadelphia, and I-195: Take the NJ Turnpike to exit 7A and follow I-195 East, to the Garden State Parkway North. Go thru the Asbury Tolls (35 cents) and be sure to stay right, in the LOCAL Lanes. Take the next exit, 105, bearing left on the ramp. *This puts you on Rt 36 East (Joline Ave). Follow for about 5-6 miles to Ocean Blvd, which is the 5th light after the RR tracks. Turn left, as Rt 36 turns northward, to follow the coastline. The entrance to Sandy Hook is on the right, about 8 miles. For those who travel on Rt 18 from the south, the exit for Rt 36 East is 13B. Follow from * above.

+From Allentown, PA: Take Interstate 78 to I-287 south/east to the Garden State Parkway and exit 117 to Route 36 and go 15 miles east to Sandy Hook.

+From Stroudsburg, PA and I-80: Go South on Route 46 to Route 31 and connect with I-78.

Go to I-287 South to Route 9 South to Rt 35s, Rt 36e and Sandy Hook.

(This is my favourite route, but I don't reccomend it unless you've got time to learn it or know the area well.)

Entrance fees from Memorial Day to Labor Day are now $10/car each day or a $50 season pass is available for purchase at the gate, beginning in May. This means everybody, textile or not, going to the beach.

Drive to Area G (Gunnison Beach) and park in the lot. You'll find a path that will take you to the beach.

Just a caution, though: You'll want to come before 9am, otherwise, you'll be parking at the overflow parking lot about half a mile up the road.

If you come after 11am, you will need to park at the overflow lot a full mile up the road and that's quite a long hike on hot pavement there and back.

Changes    this    year:

:-( As I said, the parking rate has doubled this year to $8.00. (Now $10.00 on the weekends!)

:-| The trash cans no longer exist. Any garbage you pack in, you now pack out on your own. Nudists have a tendacy to take and leave only memories, so please do the same by cleaning up after yourselves.

:-) A boardwalk has now been installed running straight down the center of the beach so that access to the water is no longer dependent on trudging through the hot sand and that's a big'll know this if you've been there.

:-) A new parking lot has been added closer to the beach cutting the walk time from the previous parking lot in half. Unless of course you like to walk that far, the furthest parking area is open, too.

Type naturism here for the new AANR Nude park and recreation guide!

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