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There are a lot of people who write and ask me for information to nudist resorts and locales. If you type "nudism" into the Barnes and Nobel search engine you see below, you will find the same books I use to pass on information to you.
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Courier 2's Gunnison beach page. Leave your cares & clothes behind!!!

My name is Courier2 and I have been a nudist for over 10 years.

My fiance', Dragon and myself have been exploring the options of nudism since we met.

We will be married in September and feel that nudism will be key in our lives for years to come.

I am in love and very happy :)

Nudists enjoy the sun and surf the same way as anyone else would. They just wish to do it unencumbered by wet cloth hanging to their bodies. There is nothing evil about nudists or being nude in general.

Many who have tried it will tell you that it is one of the healthiest alternatives to spending a vacation or some free time.

If you haven't tried it, I urge you to give it a try and read on to others who have.

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My thanx to all who visit here. 8 years later and this page is still running strong. Finally time to try some new things: First, my new yahoo web group is up and running. You will find a sign-up box next to this text. Go there for the latest in discussion as this page is not updated nearly enough. For Usenet discussion, go to alt.nude.moderated or rec.nude. and remember... DON'T TAKE ANY FREEDOM LOSS LIGHTLY!!!
My URL: http://come.to/example

Ladies and Gentlemen: The votes were all in... The "winner" is Violence with 58% of the vote. 2nd is drug use with 29% and sex at 12% comes in 3rd. The survey for those who don't know: "What is worse for children to view on TV/Movies?"